House of AC | 2022


After the outbreak of the pandemic, the sense of touch has been affected but most important the way we interact with our world has changed. At the office, restaurants, and public transport, we have become more aware of where to put our hands or better where not to put them and this behavior is making us fear to interact with space even in the only place where we have all under control, our home.




The Sense of Touch

As a designer one of my aims is to improve people’s lives but also to boost their senses, that’s why I designed TIP. A sofa chair is composed of curved surfaces that render it “touchable”. Its backrest together with the armrests, that fade to turn into the front and back legs creating a pleasant, concave surface, become an invitation to touch and feel the unknown and to enjoy the experience of being back in contact with the objects that composed our world.

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Santiago Luna Rivera