Google & Driade | 2019


Osmo is a center table specially designed to host the Google Home Mini device. Replicating the movement of the water through the carved waves on its wood surface, Osmo turns the device into a drop of water allowing it to expand its presence naturally through the space in which it is. Its design helps the Google Home Mini to be in different places hiding the energy cable of the device (Inside the table) beautifully but also elegantly without disrupting the space.




Talking Crafts

Osmo was selected as one of the 10 best proposals within a design marathon in collaboration between Domus Academy, Google. Was presented to the world in Milan, Italy sharing the stage with other 9 objects representing and illustrating how the “Home of the Future” could look like, taking into consideration the integration of AI into our lives. The installation allowed the visitors to interact with the table simulating how could be used in real life. Take a look at the event here.

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Santiago Luna Rivera