Oom: a coffee table that evokes the ripples generated when an object enters a body of water. Inspired not only by the movements within water but also the dynamics occurring outside of it, the design merges the ripple effect with splash shapes.

The name, Oom, draws inspiration from the ancient yet widely recognized mantra pronounced during meditation: Om. This deliberate reference serves to underscore not only the concept of relaxation but also the invitation to contemplation through the very essence of the object itself.




Reflective Elements

The well-being of people has consistently been a primary focus of mine as a designer. I aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives, whether through functionality, beauty, or reflective elements. This philosophy led to the conception of a concept that revolves around bringing a semblance of a water body into our homes—an impactful presence that prompts recollections of the tranquility found in nature, often elusive in our hectic lives.

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Santiago Luna Rivera