Perdormire | 2019


Bridge is a bed design for the young segment of the market, based on the behaviors we have developed due to technological advances like smartphones or tablets and their spaces. Nowadays, the spaces have become smaller, and our rooms are not the exception. Being the bed, the bedroom’s main character, we decided to think about an area where the users can do anything they want. That’s how we developed the concept “Fill the blank,” playing alongside the name of the company and the gerunds of different verbs in Italian, referring to all the possible actions you could do in bed.




Smart Homes

Bridge counts with two USB chargers hidden by a button that blends the electronic part with the bed’s backrest. These two points are connected through a cut between them that helps the user store different kinds of objects like glasses, books, smartphones, or tablets, giving a sense of order in the room and avoiding night tables to save more space.

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Santiago Luna Rivera