Personal Project


“It is my opinion that it is precisely the voids that need to be built, being air and light the building materials”   Franco Albini

With this inspiring sentence, I started the conceptual development of this project, the Aria Chair, which seeks to represent the union between aesthetics and philosophy of the Italian architect Franco Albini. Materializing the quote itself in an object so noble and simple, but at the same time complicated like a chair, while respecting the essentialism representative of Albini’s work, the relationship, and way of working the wood when He worked with it. 




Double Functionality & Essentialism

This proposal also tries to return to how Albini proposes a double functionality of the legs of an object as the front and rear legs extend, and in addition to being supportive they transform, act as a backrest. The hind legs change direction at the top to become the support of the lower back, referring to the small corners that Albini made of the same piece of wood in some of his designs.

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Santiago Luna Rivera